Month: November 2021

Best Piano Stores in Mississauga: A Guide

Do you need a new piano in your home, or would you like to own an instrument for the first time? If you would like to purchase an acoustic piano, either an upright piano or a grand, you will need to visit a physical store location rather than purchase one online.

If you are in the market for a digital piano or electric keyboard, you can certainly order one online, but we don’t necessarily recommend it – you’re better off buying something that you have been able to try out for yourself.

To see our list of piano stores in Mississauga, keep reading. Of course, if you are looking for piano lessons in Mississauga, voice lessons, or other music lessons, please get in touch!

Where To Buy a Steinway In Mississauga

Steinway Piano Gallery – Mississauga

Fortunately for prospective Steinway piano owners, there is a Steinway gallery right here in Mississauga. You can peruse a complete collection of Model D, Model B, Model S and other acoustic grand pianos, and you’ll be able to test them before purchasing.

You can also find other affiliated makes at the Steinway gallery. More affordable options include Boston and Essex pianos (which are excellent in their own right), and you can also buy a Roland stage piano for a high end electric experience.

Lastly, you can purchase affordable used pianos at the Steinway showroom in Mississauga. They collect and refurbish instruments in-house, so you are basically investing in a certified pre-owned option.

Address: 1900 Dundas St W #29A, Mississauga, ON L5K 1P9, Canada


Merriam Music

Located in nearby Oakville, Merriam Music has a number of compelling acoustic pianos in-house. While you can’t purchase a Steinway here, they do have upscale Bechstein models, a truly world-class option. You can also give Kawai and Estonia grand and upright pianos a try at their showroom.

If you’re looking for digital pianos, you will have plenty of Casio pianos, among others, to choose from. Casio is one of the better values in the digital world – they have a nice sound, weighted keyboard action, but are priced affordably.

Address: 2359 Bristol Cir #200, Oakville, ON L6H 6P8, Canada


Where To Buy a Yamaha in Mississauga

Toronto Piano Group (Mississauga)

Toronto Piano Group is known for being the singular Yamaha authorized dealer in the Mississauga and Toronto area. Choose from the popular G Series grand pianos, try a professional CX series instrument, or invest in a wonderfully constructed YUS series upright that can fit nicely in small rooms.

You can also purchase a Clavinova, CLP grand or upright configuration, or the cutting edge Avant Grand digital hybrid piano. The N3X is one of the hottest pianos on the planet these days, so you may need to join a waitlist to purchase one. They are absolutely worth trying though.

Address: 75 Watline Ave #140, Mississauga, ON L4Z 3E5, Canada


Recommendations When Buying a Piano

Firstly, think long term when you are purchasing a piano. Many buyers want to purchase a “starter piano,” then buy a “forever piano” when they are more advanced or further along in life. Within financial reason of course, you will be happier if you buy a piano that you truly love the first time around.

If you are committed to practicing and making the piano a part of your life going forward, you will enjoy practicing more, play more often, and use the instrument if you have a piano that you enjoy playing and are proud of.

Also consider that a well-built acoustic grand or upright piano will last for decades, if not generations.

Another thing to keep in mind is that when buying a digital piano, make sure you have a chance to play it before buying. Some digital keyboards have lots of features and seem priced very nicely, but they may feel cheap to play, or they may have non-weighted keys, or the audio may be sub-par. Life is too short for this kind of playing experience. Yamaha Clavinova pianos are perhaps the industry’s best digital piano (aside from hybrids).

For something cheaper, Casio digital keyboards are fine. If you do want to buy a “starter instrument” to see if you will want to play the piano for the long term, Casio Privia pianos are a decent idea.

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