Ignite The Spark Contest

What is Ignite The Spark?

Music is powerful. The brain’s limbic system, which is involved in processing emotions and controlling memory, “lights” up when we just hear music. Being exposed to music education, especially at a young age, has lifelong benefits, unparalleled by any other type of learning.

The goal of our Ignite the Spark contest is for our students to complete fun and engaging tasks that represent our values and encourage practice. All month long they will delve into their creativity by writing songs, build courage as they learn ways to conquer stage fright, create lifelong bonds with other students and experience unique opportunities to explore and discover what makes them excited about music. To Ignite their musical spark!

How to Participate

Please download the printable PDF with the contest details, Music Study Sheet, Practice Log and a Sparkle Card below.

Complete items on the Sparkle card to win prizes!

Contest runs from February 3rd to March 4th. Sparkle cards must be handed in no later than March 4th. Late entries will not qualify. At the end of the contest your cards may be handed in directly to your instructor during your lesson or sent by email to [email protected] (simply scan your card or take a picture and send as an attachment). Please note that some card items must be signed by an adult or your instructor to qualify. Also be sure to put your first and last name on your Sparkle Card before you hand it in!

How To Win

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