Summer RCM Exam Prep Lessons

Practical Component

Exclusively available for piano students who are preparing for an upcoming Royal Conservatory of Music practical examination. It takes a certain level of commitment and dedication to excel in the RCM tract. We are here to support you with summer lessons to ensure that you will confidently soar when you step into that examination room. Choose from the level appropriate lesson option to provide you with the optimal success rate in your exam.

Theory Component

Exclusive for students who are preparing for an upcoming Royal Conservatory of Music theoretical examination. RCM examinations require ample study, determination and commitment. That’s why we are here to provide the guidance and support you need to ace your theory upcoming theory exam. Book your summer theory lessons by clicking below.

Summer Travel Policy

Going to miss 1-2 lessons due to travel this summer? No problem, we’ll send you video make-up lessons to ensure you remain on track! To support you to the fullest, you can submit scanned pdf’s of your theory work and submit videos of yourself playing your repertoire, studies and technique a day or so before you depart for your instructor to review during your regularly scheduled lesson time and send you detailed feedback.

Going to miss multiple consecutive lessons due to travel and still want to make sure to fit in a few lessons this summer? No problem, we will provide video make-up for the first lesson that fall in the multi-week absence as noted above and then adjust the rest of the schedule for your additional consecutive absences. All you need to do is let us know the specific dates you will be travelling and we will process payment for the applicable make-up lesson(s) as well as the summer lessons you will attend.