Singing Lessons in Mississauga

Whether you want to participate in a band with friends, record your own music, join a school theatre program, or audition for a university music program, get in touch for singing lessons in Mississauga at Sing Music Studio. Children and adults alike learn healthy vocal production and style-specific technique, and we can’t wait to hear from you!

We work with aspiring popular and classical musicians, and you can choose from Rockschool, RCM, or other methodology. Furthermore, we use the most up-to-date technology at our studio. Students enjoy iPads in each classroom, video and audio apps for sharing and recording, and the Better Practice program to encourage more progress at home. If you would like to learn more about our studio, please let us know.

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Voice Lessons Suited To Your Goals

When you join us for lessons, we will encourage you to share your goals with us. We don’t expect our students to fit any particular stereotype or profile; in fact, we can help you pursue rock, pop, jazz, or classical singing styles. We can also help you learn music theory and songwriting if you would like, and our singular goal is to help you enrich your life through music.

Contemporary Singing Curriculum

If you would like to learn music  through popular styles, or if you want to focus on contemporary vocal production, our Rockschool method would be an excellent fit for you. Our teachers will guide you through the fundamentals of music using your favourite top 40 hits, and whether you prefer pop or rock tunes, you’ll be able to take your new skills to your next band rehearsal or karaoke session.

Traditional and RCM Curriculum

If you would prefer to follow a classical learning track, our singing teachers have the experience and knowledge to help you reach your goals. We can follow the RCM method to assign level-appropriate vocalises and literature (such as art songs, folk songs, and more), and if you would like to pursue formal vocal study in the future, we can prepare you for RCM exams. Whether you want to audition for a conservatory or sing in a healthy Bel Canto style, we would love to work with you.

Voice Lessons For Adults and Kids

Singing Lessons in Mississauga For Adults

It’s never too late to learn how to sing; whether you are a young professional or a retired individual, please get in touch. The fundamentals are always the same.

Firstly, you will need to learn how to breathe correctly. We will do breathing exercises to improve your technique, teach you about the diaphragm and lungs, and address any tension limiting your capacity. We will also use your new-found breathing ability to produce a beautiful, open sound.

Next, we can “train your ear” and improve your ability to carry a tune if needed, and you’ll be able to sing tunes back that you hear. We will also work on note reading, counting, and the basics of music theory.

Singing Lessons for Children

Kids love voice lessons at Sing Music Studio, and that’s because we encourage discovery and creativity. We use rhythm instruments and fun activities in lessons to enhance the learning experience, and we will help your child write music, express themselves through music, and sing beautifully. We also help facilitate partner lessons for students if a family is interested – in these lessons, voice students can either take lessons together, be paired with a pianist, or work with a ukulele player.

Get Started With Singing Lessons Today

Please get in touch if you’d like to learn more about our music lessons, curriculum, methodology, or anything else. We would love to work with you, and we also offer piano lessons in Mississauga, guitar instruction, and more.