Beginner Group Lessons

In our innovative beginner group lessons, your child will experience a small weekly class of up to 4 students learning the fundamentals of a singular instrument and/or singing.

Enrol anytime! These group lessons are perfect for students who missed the enrolment window in our unique Performing Artist Program classes or for students just want to get their feet wet before committing to longer term, more in depth programming.

The concepts your child will learn in these classes will provide the knowledge required to easily shift into our exceptional Performing Artist Program at the Dreamers (age 8/9) or Players (age 10/11) levels where students come together as a band in multi-instrument/vocalist groups. Your child will be playing/singing tunes in no time!

Your child’s confidence will truly soar in these group lessons while exploring familiar and current music, building new friendships with peers and receiving support from an engaging and nurturing instructor.

Group Lesson Options

Annual enrolment fee applies upon booking for group lessons September through June.

Group lessons are subscription style with equalized monthly fees debited on the 1st of each month.

Group lessons are available on a weekly basis only.

Group lessons are ongoing throughout the entire year.

Happiness Guarantee: If you are not satisfied after the first 4 group lessons, any additional fees for future sessions will be cancelled or refunded.

Notice of withdrawal must be made 30 days prior to the 1st of the upcoming month for withdrawals September through June. Cancellation fee of one month of group lessons will apply for termination of group lessons without the proper notification.

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