Month: April 2014

Sign Language Benefits for Babies and Toddlers

Did you know that signing with baby/toddler has NUMEROUS benefits? That’s why we provide monthly drop-in signing classes at Sing Music Studio with useful ASL signs for interaction with baby/toddler. In class, you will learn how to sign realistically with baby/toddler, how to recognize signs and much more about signing with your little one.

Here’s a glimpse into some of the benefits reaped from signing:

  • Brain development – spoken language is mainly processed with the left side of the brain, by adding movement to language by signing, we also engage the right side of the brain creating a stronger connection between the hemispheres
  • Stronger understanding of language – think about how much easier it is for you to remember a song by adding actions to it – this works the same way with signing, heightening understanding of words
  • Spoken language begins sooner than babies who do not sign – research has shown that babies who sign often do speak sooner because of this deeper understanding of language
  • Increased fine motor skills – the main goal in life for babies and toddlers is mastering gross motor skills such as crawling, walking and running, however, fine motor skills are just as important. Learning to hold a spoon, turn a handle, press a button, hold a pencil, all take mastery of fine motor skills which we are constantly improving as we sign.
  • Increases communication and alleviates frustration – much of the frustration that toddlers face is due to the inability to communicate wants, needs and emotions because speech is still developing. Providing your little one with signs helps them communicate these needs with you and helping you deal with the “terrible two’s”.

Coming up this Friday – the next class in our Sing Signing Series: Park Play! In this class you will learn signs that are useful when you are out and about in the park and on the playground. Next month will feature our Emotions class! All classes are pre-registered drop-in classes with a maximum of 10 children and there are no pre-requisites to attend any class! Just contact us to sign-up!

Paper Bag Peekaboo!

Even the simplest of household items can become a learning tool full of discovery for baby! Watch as these babies enjoy exploration time with paper bags. A simple item becomes a wonderful multi-sensory experience in cause and effect – what happens when I crinkle it, rip it, squish it, shake it, wear it, taste it, wave it, pat it, blow in it… so many ideas! Add a little musical tune and it’s oodles of fun and learning too! Try a little exploration time at home with household items such as hair curlers, pots, pans, socks, paper plates, tupperware… what else can you think of?