Month: July 2012

Congrats to our Draw Winner!

Congratulations to Chiara and Marcus for winning our draw for free tuition!

Marcus has been attending Kindermusik classes since the summer of 2011, beginning in the baby classes. Now Marcus has graduated into the next level, attending our toddler programs. Marcus and Chiara love kindermusik so much that they come twice a week to different toddler classes! So, it seems pretty fitting that Marcus was drawn as the winner of our June draw for fall tuition.

Marcus definitely marches to the beat of his own drum in kindermusik – illustrating how their are many different ways to participate and no one “right” way. Marcus is a mover and a shaker, as many toddlers are, and prefers to be up and dancing when we’re sitting and sitting when we’re dancing! Lol! But he is really taking it all in – no matter how he participates. He’s very focused when we do listening activities and has lots to comment on during story time. And the second I start to play the guitar, Marcus is up front and centre, bopping to the tunes as if he’s front row centre at a concert! It’s evident that Marcus loves music! I can’t wait to see how Marcus grows and changes with music as he gets older.

So, once again, congratulations to Chiara and Marcus! And I’ll see you both in Kindermusik!

A BIG Congrats to the Music Students for an AMAZING Recital Performance!!!!

Sing Music Studio Recital June 2012

My students never cease to amaze me!!!! What a fantastic job all of our singing, piano and guitar students did that participated in our 4th recital on June 23rd at the Regency Retirement Home!

I’m so impressed with the improvements of my students who have had a few recitals under their belts. And a special hats off to David, one of my adult students who consistently has been participating in the recitals as the adult representation despite performance anxiety. David really pulled it together and did a terrific performance. I know all the parents were quite impressed with his courage to perform!

I’m also very impressed with all the new students who participated in the recital for the first time. Some were super excited, some were full of nerves. But each and every one of them did a wonderful job!

We were also lucky to have some great instrumentation this year of 2-3 students/teachers playing together in an ensemble including ukelele, piano, guitar, singing and drums. In the future, I’m excited to put more student ensembles together as the students grow and improve and of course with the addition of drum lessons at the studio. This will make it easy to start forming bands with the students in the future. So expect the recitals to continuously improve and include great music!

A special thanks to Neal Burstyn for drumming with some of the students, videoing the recital and taking photographs…. which will be coming soon. And a special thanks to the staff and residents at Regency Retirement Home who hosted our recital as per usual! And last, but certainly not least, a special thanks to all the students of Sing Music Studio who worked very hard to prepare such a wonderful show and the parents for their ongoing support!

Can’t wait for the Christmas Recital!!!