Spotlight on Babies in Music Class

Babies in Kindermusik Village and Sign and Sing never cease to amaze me. Those babies really make me feel like I’m the star of the show! I like to keep an relaxed, natural air to our classes, providing some much needed time for the grown-ups to get to know each other. There’s certainly lots of time for that at the beginning and end of class and we trickle it in throughout our activities where it fits too. The babies let us know when they are ready for the next activity if they start to fuss. But I tell you, each and every time I open my mouth and sing the beginning of our next activity, they all stop, turn their heads and stare at me! It’s amazing!

I’ve seen so much growth over the years watching babies who have begun with Kindermusik as early as 3 weeks and move on up to the toddler music classes at our music school! One thing I notice time and time again is that babies understand a lot more than we give them credit for. Within a couple of weeks of repetition of an activity, at all stages, babies consistently anticipate what’s coming next. And wow, do they ever pick up those signs quickly in our signing class, like ball and bear! I’m equally impressed to see the babies at the beginning of an 8 week session who cry and carry on when they have to put away a toy or instrument easily put away those items at the end of an 8 week session! Not to mention the fabulous vocalization that occurs throughout our classes… but check out the blog on Baby Speak in Baby Music Class.

All in all, I love watching the changes that take place in the babies. Their familiarity with the classroom, their excitement to see me and Mokie, the smiles and giggles and vocalization and words…and oh how can I forget the first step that was taken in music class a few weeks ago by little Grayson! A first for him and a first for me! Just goes to show you how comfortable the babies are in class!

Love the program. The teacher is very fun and cute. Love the effect music has on children.

Nina and Masood Azam, Toddler class parents

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