Another Spotlight on Learning in Our Time Away We Go!

Big idea: Early Literacy

At Kindermusik, we love the quote by Emilie Buchwald: “children are made readers on the laps of their parents.” Reading picture books together with adults helps children internalize some skills that are crucial in the development of true literacy.

Reading together:

  • Fosters reading enjoyment
  • Provides predictability through repetition
  • Introduces new vocabulary
  • Expands understanding of story structures
  • Promotes critical t hinking
  • Encourages language play and creative expression
  • Each week in class when we read Shiny Dinah or another favorite story, your child receives all these key early literacy benefits. Plus, children develop music literacy through the rhythm and movement elements of Kindermusik stories.

Everyday connection: Act on it! Read your child’s favorite book together and then pretend to be the characters in the book. Is it Shiny Dinah? Be the train or a passenger. Where are you going today and what will you see and hear along the way?

Love the program. The teacher is very fun and cute. Love the effect music has on children.

Nina and Masood Azam, Toddler class parents

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