Who Doesn’t Love Babies?

Well it’s high time I got back to this blogging business… and I figured there’s no better way to start than talking about my favourite class to teach… Kindermusik Foundations! And who’s the star of the show? Babies, of course! Who doesn’t love babies? With their pudgy cheeks, squishy arms, belly laughs, chubby legs, adorable faces… I know I simply can’t resist. And babies are fascinating! Have you ever just sat back and watched how babies move and interact? It’s magical! I’m fortunate enough to have met tons of babies over the past 12 years of teaching Kindermusik and been able to watch babies just about every week during that time and I never grow tired of it… I’m always learning something new.

So let me tell you why Kindermusik Foundations class is my favourite (and don’t get me wrong, I love ALL of the Kindermusik levels but this class is just so special)!

  1. I get to see the magic unfold so many times… baby’s first roll over… baby’s first lizard crawl… baby’s first crawl on all fours… baby’s first time balancing on 2 feet… baby’s first steps… baby’s first word… WOW! I’ve seen them all and the pride and joy in mom or dad’s face! Precious!
  2. I get to impart some of my ever growing knowledge base on child development and infant stages and the profound effects of music on babies to eager moms (mostly but sometimes dads too) who REALLY listen because they REALLY want to know how they can set the best stage for their baby’s development.
  3. I get to foster and cultivate new relationships between moms and babies, connecting a new network of mommies who need other mommies and watch them rely on each other for advice, support and friendship – that’s powerful stuff.
  4. I get to see the joyous reactions of babies to my passion for music and singing as I share these wonderful gifts with the wonderful group of moms and babies I am privileged to spend my time with each week in class.
  5. Pudgy cheeks, squishy arms, belly laughs, chubby legs, adorable faces.

I can’t wait to meet the next group of Kindermusik babies that come my way! But for now, I will enjoy every minute of being present in the current weekly Foundations classes and look forward to the new class adventures next week will bring!

Miss Mandi – Musician – Kindermusik Educator – Private Voice and Piano Instructor – Director of Sing Music Studio

Love the program. The teacher is very fun and cute. Love the effect music has on children.

Nina and Masood Azam, Toddler class parents

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