What to expect in Kindermusik summer camps!

Believe it or not, summer is just around the corner! It’s time to start planning your summer activities! And there are lots of options for different ages and stages here at Sing Music Studio. Here’s what you can expect:

Weekly Kindermusik Adventures Camps for babies
One adult will participate with baby in two different 5 week themed camps: Peekaboo I Love You and Busy Days. In these weekly classes you’ll see baby grow and respond to new songs, movement, sights and sounds. Socialization, bonding, gross motor skills, listening, language development… just a few of the many important skills we will focus on through music and fun in class. Baby will delight in peekaboo games and activities that can be easily incorporated into your daily routine at home. And home materials including CD and instrument are part of the program making it even easier for you to bring the kindermusik experience home.

Weekly Kindermusik Adventures Camps and ABC Music & Me for toddlers
Toddlerhood is a world of exploration! Gross motor skills are the main skills toddlers are learning to master and mastery of movement creates self-confidence and a happy toddler! One adult will participate with each toddler in these fun and active weekly classes. We’ll be working on mastery of gross motor skills, fine motor skills, language development, listening skills, brain development, socialization and so much more in these fun music & movement classes! Of course home materials including CD and instrument will make it easy for your toddler to bring the learning home and really get to know the songs we sing in class! In the Adventure camp series for 18 mos to 3 years, we’ll be visiting the zoo in Zoo Train! In ABC Music & Me for 18 mos to age 4, we’ll discover Marvelous Me and have lots of fun in Let’s Play!

Weekly and Week long afternoon Adventures Camps and ABC Music & Me for preschoolers
There’s lots of summer musical fun to be had for your preschooler here! Our week long afternoon camps are a blast! Drop your 3 to 6 year old off for 2 hours, parents join in for the last 15 minutes of camp to recap what we did in class and do a few activities together. Of course there will be lots of singing and learning through music in these creative and imaginative camps: On the Road, Confetti Days and Under the Rainbow. We’ll also include outdoor play at the park or crafts/indoor games if the weather does not cooperate for outdoor play. There’s also a weekly 1 hour option available through June for our On the Road camp. Children will receive home materials including CD and instrument to bring the learning home!

Weekly Adventures Camps family style
Visit the Kindermusik zoo with your family! This version of Zoo Train is designed especially for families with multiple children. Of course families with one child are welcome to join us too! In these weekly classes, we’ll explore music and movement with children of all ages between newborn and 7 years. Creating a multi-stage, multi-faceted learning environment that’s different from our other classes. Younger children and babies learn and socialize by watching older children while older children learn team work and leadership by watching and guiding the younger ones. We’ll still focus on important skills like fine and gross motor skills, socialization, listening, language and brain development. And yes, home materials will include CDs and instruments!

Sign & Sing for babies and toddlers
In these musical signing classes, you will learn how to communicate with your baby or toddler through sign language. Signing with your little one will help them to gain a stronger understanding of the language and alleviate frustration for both you and your little one by providing communication tools before baby has the ability to speak. Signing with baby doesn’t mean they won’t talk, it’s just the opposite, they’ll probably talk sooner because they have a deeper understanding of words when attaching them to a symbol. You’ll also receive DVDs and flashcards to help you continue the signing at home.

Drop-in fun at Sing & Play Dates for ages 0 to 7 years
These pay-as-you-go drop-in classes are perfect for the less planned summer! 45 minute classes where you participate with your child in music & movement, with a new theme in each class. Expect singing, dancing, circle dances, listening, stories and so much more. In these drop-in classes, we’re still working on the total development of your child through music but it’s fun to have a different perspective with different ages coming together. Plus your child will still receive an instrument and music download card or CD to bring the music home from class!

So that’s our fun musical Kindermusik summer in a nutshell!

Love the program. The teacher is very fun and cute. Love the effect music has on children.

Nina and Masood Azam, Toddler class parents

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