Parent Workshops in Mississauga

We offer Parent Workshops and Sing Signing Series Workshops right in our studio at 1575 Clarkson Rd.

In addition to running our in-studio workshops, we also offer workshop options for schools and centres. Workshops topics include Music & Movement Workshops, Sing Signing Series Workshops, Ukulele Workshops and more. Whether you are looking for a holiday theme, a school theme or choosing form a list of themes we provide, we can accommodate your needs. Workshops are a great option to enhance programming at schools, early learning centres, festivals, outdoor events, libraries, museums, bookstores… you name it! Workshops are the perfect solution if you are looking for educational enhancement to compliment your programs or events. We can also provide regular weekly Kindermusik programming in your centre throughout the school year or 4 to 8 week (or more) Kindermusik sessions.

For all of our school and centre workshops, our one time booking fee is $250 plus HST. Discounted rates are available for repeat bookings and successive bookings. We can provide many options such as quarterly, monthly,  or 4 to 12 week programs.

To find out more about our school programs and workshops and what options will work for your establishment, contact us. We would also be happy to help you with the following:

Sing Signing Series Workshops

Sing Music Studio has created an exclusive program for babies and toddlers based on American Sign Language. These workshops are available both in studio and for schools and centres.

Research has proven that using ASL with babies and toddlers can aide in communication and learning. These workshops will teach participants how signs can aide with language development, communication, incorporating them into daily life and recognizing baby’s signs. Our comprehensive program brings music and ASL together with the additional use of props, age-appropriate instruments and visuals creating new tools in learning and communication for use between babies and toddlers with educators and/or parents.

There are currently 11 themed units available, each with a PDF of ASL signs to aide the educator and/or parent in continuing to use the ASL signs outside of workshops.

Sing Signing Series classes coming up in our studio:

February 17th from 1:30-2:30pm: My Family & Me

March 6th from 1:30-2:30pm: Routines

Next classes TBA

Parent Safety Workshops and CPR C with AED Certification

Hosted by Good Samaritan First Aid in our studio, these two course are perfect for the new parent, grandparent or anyone who looks after little ones.

Good Samaritan First Aid exists to encourage everyone to become first aid trained. Lead instructor, Ricki Bristow has been a paramedic and first aid instructor for the past 10 years. As a busy mom of 3 young boys, her personal, practical and experienced approach to first aid training will leave you feeling confident to handle any emergency!

Baby Safety Class

This 2 hour infant safety workshop includes practical topics such as:

  • Infant and Toddler Choking/CPR Skills
  • Fever and Seizures
  • What the difference between Tylenol and Ibuprofen?
  • Car Seat Safety 101– What’s the hype all about?
  •  How to find legitimate medical resources

Come chat with seasoned paramedic, First Aid Instructor and Car seat Technician, Ricki Bristow and have your most pressing infant first aid questions answered in this fun, relaxing workshop.

CPR C with AED Certification

In addition to the standard CPR and choking skills (Adult, child, infant) covered in the CPR Certification, we also spend a great deal of time discussing issues relevant to parents. Some of the additional topics covered may include infant seizures, allergies, baby led weaning, when to consult a doctor, car seat safety, secondary drowning and much more.

In the CPR Certification, each participant works on their own infant and adult state of the art mannequin and face shields are always provided. Each participant receives a CPR C manual and a WSIB approved  certification card that is good for 3 years. Children/babies are welcome to attend.

Coming up in our studio:


Parent Workshop: Mindful Parenting for Busy Moms & Dads

Parenting coach, Anja Simmons will be joining us at Sing Music Studio for an interactive workshop to help you be more mindful in your parenting.

It’s hard to be mindful when we are busy. But the present moment is where our kids reside. Anja will show moms and dads ways to meet children there, deepening your connection and helping you feel more clear in your parenting choices.

Coming up in our studio: