Drum Lessons in Mississauga

Do you want to play the drums like Neil Peart or Phil Collins? Or do you prefer Art Blakey or Elvin Jones? The expert drum teachers at Sing Music Studio will help you reach your goals one stroke at a time. We always want to know what our students’ favorite music and genres are, and we do our best to include your preferences in lessons. 

drum lessons Mississauga

Drum Lessons in Mississauga For All Ages and Abilities

Beginner and Advanced Drum Lessons

You don’t need to audition to join Sing Music Studio. We enjoy working with beginners, intermediate drummers, and musicians with many years of experience. If you’ve never played a drum before, we will guide you through the basics, and we won’t move faster than you are comfortable with.

If you have prior experience, our first lesson will be a discovery session in which we identify your strengths, talk about your deficiencies, and set goals moving forward.

Regardless of your musical background, please get in touch for drum lessons. We would be happy to hear from you.

Drum Lessons For Kids and Adults

All ages are welcome at Sing Music Studio, and we enjoy teaching children and adults equally. Our drum lessons are age-appropriate, and we realize that kids and adults perform better in different environments. Our adult students often enjoy discussing musical concepts or asking questions, and we love these conversations. Our young students, on the other hand, like to be active, participate in rhythm activities, and more.

If you or your child would like to enroll in lessons, get in touch!

What Can You Learn in Your Drum Lessons?

Your teacher can help you prepare for all use-cases and walks of life. Do you have a teen who would like to learn drumline rudiments or prepare for marching band? We are happy to help. Has your child shown an interest in drums, and you simply want them to learn the fundamentals? That’s a wonderful opportunity for your child, and we would love to help.

Or as an adult, do you want to engage with your favourite music by drumming along with the Rolling Stones, Beatles, Foo Fighters, or another band? We are happy to show you the ropes.

We will cover the basics first, like holding the sticks properly and striking the drum in a tension-free way that allows for speed. Then we can progress to single and double rolls, followed by things like paradiddles. Before you know it, you’ll be playing advanced grooves, keeping up with the bands you love, and improvising your own drum fills.

Of course, tell your teacher about your goals – we want to use curriculum and techniques that make you love music.

We Teach You How to Practice and Prepare

We love working with our drum students, but our goal is not to have dependent students at our music school. We will coach you through practice materials and techniques and send you home each week with specific drills and songs to practice. Over time, you will learn how to practice on your own, how to learn new concepts when the mood hits, and you may even start bringing new material to your lessons on your own.

We want to give you the fundamental techniques you need to work on your drumming technique even when we aren’t there to help.

Get a Well-Rounded Music Education

Many well-known drummers are also accomplished songwriters, and artists like Dave Grohl can play multiple instruments at a professional level. We don’t want to create drummers – we want to create well-rounded musicians. In your lessons, you can learn rhythm, music theory, composition, note reading, instrumentation, and more. If you have any interest in writing songs, let us know! Drummers are the foundation of every contemporary ensemble, and the more you know about music in general, the more effective you’ll be in rehearsals and performances.

To get started with Mississauga drum lessons at Sing Music Studio, get in touch at your earliest convenience. We would love to welcome you to our artistic community.